“Thought you Knew Lamb Stew”

Tender Juicy Tid Bits of Lamb simmered with Fresh Vegetables, Seasonings, and Fresh Herbs in a Homemade Stock for a Couple of Hours Until it Melts in you Mouth!!


“In A Hurry for Some Coconut Lamb Curry”

Tender Morels of Lamb Sautéed with Diced Apples, Raisins, Fresh Squeezed Lemons, Garden Picked Vegetables, Curry and Other Seasonings than simmered in a Coconut Chicken Stock!! Always Good over A Little Sticky White Rice.


Luscombs Point Roasted Lamb Roast

Pan Seared, Juicy, Butcher Twine Tied,

Herb Seasoned Lamb Roast Finished in the Oven. Never Over Done Here!! Cooked to perfection and served with a Light Peach Mint Cabernet Sauce!!


Grilled Orange and Maple Rack of Lamb

Fresh Rack of Lamb Infused with Fresh Rosemary, Orange Essence, Salt and Pepper than Grilled and Glazed with Maple Syrup Served Medium Rare with a Orange Maple Rosemary Sauce.

Chef Billy Joyce

Cuisine Style